Are you ready to:

Develop the skills & technique you need to fully support your voice?

Release and transform the old stories that have held you back up to now?

Embrace your creativity and authentic connection to others?

Hello, I’m Julia,

I’m a Jungian voice coach & award winning singer, actor & podcaster, who for the last two decades has been empowering people to embrace vocal confidence, get unstuck & move into the fullness of their creative potential.

“We ALL deserve to not only be heard, but to feel confident that our voice will ALWAYS be there for us.”

“Julia is the best! I’ve had a lifelong desire and crippling fear of singing. Julia was able to work with me over time to slowly open up and use my voice exactly how I want to use it. Now, I can sing and even perform in front of other people – something that would have been impossible in the past. I can’t recommend Julia enough.”

Chris Portka – musician Oakland. CA

What does it mean to have a FREE voice?

Vocal Freedom comes from understanding and integrating 

The MIND, the BODY and the SPIRIT of your voice

The MIND – knowing the stories that might be holding you back and learning how to release them.

The BODY –  knowing how your voice works, knowing its range, its volume, its capabilities and knowing how to keep it healthy.

The SPIRIT – your metaphorical voice, your connection with your authentic voice and your ability to take up space vocally in the world, whether that’s in a meeting or on a stage.

Are you ready to FREE YOUR VOICE?

A great place to start is by learning some simple vocal warm-up techniques.

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