Julia Norton is a Jungian Coach, Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner and award winning singer & actor, who empowers creative leaders and the vocally stuck to embrace vocal confidence, get unstuck and move into the full magnificence of their creative potential.

Born in the UK, but now based in California, Julia has been singing her whole life and teaching groups to sing since she was 18!

Always compelled to understand more about the emotional story behind a singer’s experience, she discovered Voice Movement Therapy in 1998 and moved to San Francisco after qualifying in 2000. 

Since then she has composed music for theater & circus, music directed, produced an award winning album ‘Lullaby Island, performed jazz and musical theater, and trained as a voice actor. She was a teaching artist for the San Francisco Opera Guild and has presented at conferences all around the world. Julia won a Voice Arts Award for her lead role in Disney’s Star Wars game Jedi Challenges and has two popular podcasts Dark and Twisty Tales & Your Free Voice. 

 “I help creatives and voice professionals develop the skills they need to support their instrument, transform old stories and embrace creativity”

If you’re looking for Julia’s acting and singing work go to www.julianorton.com