Begin to Sing!

Begin to Sing!

A one of a kind hybrid – five week course

for anyone who feels blocked in their vocal expression.

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I’m not an experienced singer, and I love how Julia teaches. She’s fun and knowledgeable. The class is unique each week. Above all, I feel supported.”

This live course is for anyone who wishes they were singing, or using their voice MORE,

but feels held back by old stories about their voice. …these could be:

I can’t sing in tune.”
My voice isn’t strong enough.”
“I can’t be heard.”
“Some songs make me want to cry”
“I don’t know where to start?”
“I always run out of breath.”
“It’s too self-indulgent”

Do you have different stories?

It doesn’t matter what genre of singing you are interested in, or how far along on your journey you are,

If you are vocally blocked, this live group course has been designed to help to Free Your Voice! 

What will you gain?

You will get weekly focussed assignments to help you:

➡️ get a deeper insight into the stories and blocks that are keeping you from singing.
➡️ learn strategies to identify and transform those old stories and beliefs.
➡️ develop breathing and relaxation techniques.
➡️ build a regular vocal practice and improve your vocal technique
🤩 Optional Bonus Challenge🤩 Choose a song to learn and present to the group in the final group session.

A weekly group class with me over zoom

➡️ to work together on the material in the assignments and build confidence in a group setting
➡️ to support each other and get individual direction from me when needed.
My nervousness of singing in front of a group is slowly subsiding, and the awkwardness of zoom is made extremely fun with Julia’s brilliant leadership. The exercises and stretches to warm us up need to be used daily, as they are incredibly soothing and healing for my voice that is overused as a teacher throughout the week. HIGHLY recommended, both as a teacher for individual classes as well as this group singing session!”

Live weekly Zoom classes are 90 minutes long and if you can’t make it you can watch the replay.

Are you ready to let go of the old stories around your voice that have been holding you back?

Julia is a voice whisperer. I had been afraid to sing all my life. Julia helped me break through my fears to find my singing voice. In addition, I gained confidence and accessed courage that I didn’t know I had. Julia is gentle, compassionate and thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the voice. She provides a lovely, safe space in which to sing, cry, laugh and break through the blocks that keep us from accessing our true voice. I can’t recommend Julia highly enough!” Jackie J. San Leandro. CA

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It is NOT TOO LATE to Begin To Sing!

“At times I am self conscious of my voice. I worry that its tone is off or that or that I sing out of tune. This caused me hesitation but “Begin to Sing “addresses and helps with these very things.”

Recent participant.

Are you ready to build the skills with your instrument to build confidence moving forward?

Are you ready to give yourself permission to sing?

It’s time to Begin to Sing? – Grab a spot on the waitlist and Sign UP Here!

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Julia Norton

Is a certified Jungian Coach, registered Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner since 2000 and proud member of VASTA

Julia is an award winning actor, singer and voice coach who has been teaching others how to have a strong, healthy and expressive voice for over 20 years. Originally from the UK, she now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and helps ALL kinds of people overcome vocal fatigue, mindset issues, old habits and negative thoughts around their voices.