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Vocal Wellness: From Hoarse To Stable

Vocal Health at Voicetrax

Date(s) – 03/24/2021
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Brilliant! You booked that cool video game and feel like a champ! But you quickly realize that a four-hour recording session as a dragon with anger issues is going to be a workout for your voice. How do you get through hours of killing and dying and live to tell the tale? With decades of experience helping people have a free and healthy voice, Julia will incorporate breathing and relaxation exercises, placement and resonance, warm-up and cool-down approaches amongst a multitude of techniques that will help you to keep your voice healthy and happy for video game sessions with the vocally challenging motion “efforts”, lengthy narration jobs where you need to sound as fresh in hour three as you do at the start of the session and increase your vocal range for character voices. You’ll discover what to do when you get sick and what to avoid drinking or eating before a session. All of this adds up to a fun and information packed lab.


Brilliant! You booked that video game and feel like a champ! How DO you get through four hours of killing and dying and live to ‘tell’ the tale? This class will take you through breathing, resonance, posture and articulation, and how to master the tips and tricks to keep your voice healthy and happy all day long.

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Online classes will be held on Zoom. Link will be sent to registered students 24 hours before first class session.

June 7 • Monday • 6:30-9:30pm PDT

Let’s Sing This Out

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What participants had to say about this new class …

“Julia is a phenomenal teacher. Her beautiful voice, decades of knowledge and experience, and her effervescent enthusiasm and humour made these singalong sessions utterly brilliant. As a total beginner I felt comfortable and supported, and I’m amazed at how much I learned. And I loved the inclusion of all levels of experience. What fun!”

” Julia’s class was a delightful, uplifting way to spend an hour of my weekend! Not only did I get to warm up my voice, but I also warmed up my mind and body. Instruction from Julia felt like a voice lesson, karaoke, and improv class all-in-one. I’m so thankful for the dose of serotonin Julia brought to me!”

 “I had a great experience learning more about my voice and my abilities. Julia created a safe place for beginners to sing comfortably.

“Amidst the onslaught of Zoom, the isolation of the pandemic, and the hectic pace of life, these Saturday classes with a group of people has been a panacea. My nervousness of singing in front of a group is slowly subsiding, and the awkwardness of zoom is made extremely fun with Julia’s brilliant leadership. The exercises and stretches to warm us up need to be used daily, as they are incredibly soothing and healing for my voice that is overused as a teacher throughout the week. HIGHLY recommended, both as a teacher for individual classes as well as this group singing session!”

I’m not an experienced singer, and I love how Julia teaches. She’s fun and knowledgeable. The class is unique each week. Above all, I feel supported.”

Julia’s classes are a delight. She makes you feel at ease which opens students up to learn so much about our breath and our essential instrument-our bodies. I find her techniques helpful on so many levels as a voice over actor and a person who aspires to develop healthy speaking and singing skills.

I’m very excited to be presenting at The Voiceover Summit, a virtual event that is being held by @svaraproject on March 5-7.

Here’s the thing, all that Vocal Health stuff that I’ve been teaching you guys for the last two years, I learned it from these guys Mindy Pack and Dr. Reena Gupta! There’s one whole day devoted to the science of vocal health and then two more days of actionable workshops, no matter where you are in your VO career!
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