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My Current Class Offerings:

 A THREE Day Warm-Up Bootcamp!

Completely FREE!

Tuesday – Thursday October 11th, 12th & 13th from 8.30-8.50am PST

11.30am EST, 4.30pm GMT

Over zoom

🎤 Are you someone who uses their voice for work or fun?

🤔 Are you a singer, actor, presenter, podcaster, teacher, lawyer etc?

🫁 Do you wish your voice felt more reliable or didn’t tire as easily?

👅 Do you want to refresh your tired old warm-ups or get in the habit in the first place?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then this mini warm-up course is for you! 

20 minutes of movement, stretching, massage and simple vocal warm-ups to start your day, for 3 days!

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I’m pretty sure you will feel better afterwards … or your money back! 😂

Recent past events …

I am delighted to have been invited back to VO Atlanta, (the very last VO Atlanta), to learn and have fun with my voice acting colleagues in real life! If you can’t attend in person you can also join in virtually (info here.)

I’m going to presenting the following 3 workshops.

Come and find me!

Is it time to Breathe Easier? Friday, April 1, 2022, 9:50 am – 10:50 am

If the last 2 years hasn’t made us acutely aware of our lung health, I don’t know what will. As actors and singers we are often told to ‘breathe into our diaphragm’ but what does that even mean? For those suffering with ‘long covid’ a nice deep breath can seem like an insurmountable goal. In this experiential workshop you’ll learn the anatomy of the breathing apparatus as well as being taken through several breathing exercises to help you identify different breathing techniques and methods for increasing breath capacity. We’ll examine how the different ways we breathe can affect our levels of anxiety or performance stress and also how we can get deeper into character work by starting with the body and the breath.

Using a ‘Song and Dance’ to get Unstuck! Friday, April 1, 2022, 4:40 pm – 5:40 pm

Exploring how ‘singing copy’ and moving your body, frees up your creative juices, increases joy, and gets you unstuck. When we work on our movement we free the singing voice, when we free the singing voice, we are also building skills for our speaking voice. Win win. Playing musically with copy instead of getting stuck in a stylistic rut we open up opportunities for greater creative range and freedom and more confidence.

Resolving to finally Warm-Up! (and Cool-Down!) Saturday, April 2, 2022, 9:50 am – 10:50 am

Voice actors are vocal athletes. We use our voices in extraordinary ways every day, so knowing how to properly take care of our instrument is as essential as a good mic, but many of us don’t take that few minutes to warm up and cool down and risk injury. Here’s your chance to change that! In this session you will learn the quick tools you can use on a daily basis to warm up and when and why to cool down your voice. These will include stretching, breathing, vocal warm ups, self-massage and straw phonation. We will also dig into some truths and myths around food and drink to be avoided, common injuries, how to recover from illness or injury more quickly and how to choose a character voice wisely.


Medical narration is a fast growing area of voice over for those who are prepared to do a little research and who enjoy juicy tongue twisters for breakfast! In this class you’ll tackle polysyllabic words so they roll off your tongue like your own name, stay calm and collected when faced with multiple paragraphs of mine-field technical terms, and most importantly identify and fully connect to the intended audience to tell them a story they can hear and absorb. $120

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What participants have to say about Julia’s zoom classes …

“Julia is a phenomenal teacher. Her beautiful voice, decades of knowledge and experience, and her effervescent enthusiasm and humour made these singalong sessions utterly brilliant. As a total beginner I felt comfortable and supported, and I’m amazed at how much I learned. And I loved the inclusion of all levels of experience. What fun!”

” Julia’s class was a delightful, uplifting way to spend an hour of my weekend! Not only did I get to warm up my voice, but I also warmed up my mind and body. Instruction from Julia felt like a voice lesson, karaoke, and improv class all-in-one. I’m so thankful for the dose of serotonin Julia brought to me!”

 “I had a great experience learning more about my voice and my abilities. Julia created a safe place for beginners to sing comfortably.

“Amidst the onslaught of Zoom, the isolation of the pandemic, and the hectic pace of life, these Saturday classes with a group of people has been a panacea. My nervousness of singing in front of a group is slowly subsiding, and the awkwardness of zoom is made extremely fun with Julia’s brilliant leadership. The exercises and stretches to warm us up need to be used daily, as they are incredibly soothing and healing for my voice that is overused as a teacher throughout the week. HIGHLY recommended, both as a teacher for individual classes as well as this group singing session!”

I’m not an experienced singer, and I love how Julia teaches. She’s fun and knowledgeable. The class is unique each week. Above all, I feel supported.”

Julia’s classes are a delight. She makes you feel at ease which opens students up to learn so much about our breath and our essential instrument-our bodies. I find her techniques helpful on so many levels as a voice over actor and a person who aspires to develop healthy speaking and singing skills.