Free 5 Minute Warm-up

If you are a presenter, podcaster, voice actor, singer, actor, coach, teacher, lawyer or ANYONE who uses their voice more than most, you need this FREE 5 minute warm-up

“Doing these every day has helped strengthen my voice and get back the tonality I’ve lost.” Keith

What you will learn:

How to massage and release the muscles of the face and neck!

“Julia makes a wonderful point that you need to warm up the muscles AROUND your vocal cords, in your throat, your jaw, your face, your lips so that you can use your instrument to its fullest capability!” Greg.

How to wake up the articulators and resonators to produce sound with less effort.

“In a scant few minutes, this course taught me several cool tricks to relax my throat, lips, and face.” Kasey

How to warm-up the voice quickly and efficiently, you don’t need to make a whole song and dance about it …. well actually 😂

“This felt fantastic! My whole upper half feels ready to do some speaking, just from those 5 minutes.” Stacey