Episode 10

Episode 10

What to do when it all goes horribly wrong!

We’ve all been there … you choke in an audition, you miss your cue or come in late, you give a presentation that just doesn’t land right with your audience.

In this episode I’m sharing my experiences with all of these moments of ‘failure’ and ‘shame’ and take you through the stages of releasing in the moment and moving on.

1. Stop and breathe, notice the stories running rampant and the sensations in your body.
2. Identify any actual ‘truths’ in the stories.
3. Look at possible causes, (tired, underprepared, technical issues etc).
4. Make a plan of action to reduce the chance of that happening again.
5. Notice your progress, or one good thing about the performance.
I also introduce the idea of naming and dressing up your inner critic, trust me it works. And introduce my 5 Re’s:





and most importantly

RE-launch! 🚀

Give yourself gratitude for being courageous enough to get out there in the first place!

The book I read from was:

Resilient by Rick Hanson Ph.D