Episode 17

Episode 17

What is Voice Movement Therapy?

After referring to my training in Voice Movement Therapy over several episodes, I thought it was about time it got an episode to itself!

Voice Movement Therapy or VMT is, at its core, an expressive arts therapy that uses the singing voice as its primary tool of expression.
I trained in VMT with its founder Paul Newham in London from 1998-2000. It has informed all of my work since then. 

In this episode I discuss:

1. A brief history of VMT

2. The two parallel elements that run through it 

The physical development of the voice and 

The creative and therapeutic development of the self. 

3. Some of the vocal components. 

4. How we incorporate many of Carl Jung’s teachings, especially  Active Imagination and work on the personal and collective Shadow.

5. Why I think VMT is one of the most non-discriminatory methods of vocal training currently available. 

If you are interested in finding out more about VMT visit www.iavmt.org where you will also find details for the next training.

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