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We ALL deserve to sing, to be heard and to feel confident that our voice will ALWAYS be there for us.

Julia is a voice whisperer. I had been afraid to sing all my life. Julia helped me break through my fears to find my singing voice. In addition, I gained confidence and accessed courage that I didn’t know I had. Julia is gentle, compassionate and thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the voice. She provides a lovely, safe space in which to sing, cry, laugh and break through the blocks that keep us from accessing our true voice. I can’t recommend Julia highly enough!” Jackie J. San Leandro. CA

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“I’ve never been good at remembering to warm-up, whether for exercise or for speaking/performing. I still have the teenage mentality that I can just do it. But as I’ve gotten older, my body reminds me that I can’t always just power through anymore. Enter Julia’s vocal warm-up: it’s perfect to use in a pinch and great for when you just need a quick something, but it can also easily be elongated if you have more time. It’s not just about warming up the voice itself, but also the face and neck muscles that help support and control how your sound comes out. Thanks, Julia! This is definitely staying in my repertoire.” Alexandra A. California

Me coaching voice actors at VO Atlanta 2022

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Disclaimer - Julia Norton is a singer, actor and voice coach and not a psychotherapist, speech pathologist or other medical professional.