Private Coaching

Working with deep connection, movement, vocalizing, creativity and visualizations, I will be your guide into the locked away parts of your creative self, and into the treasure that’s hidden there. 

That … is how you step onto your ‘life’ stage, showing up as your fully authentic shining self.

Julia is a voice whisperer. I had been afraid to sing all my life. Julia helped me break through my fears to find my singing voice. In addition, I gained confidence and accessed courage that I didn’t know I had. Julia is gentle, compassionate and thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the voice. She provides a lovely, safe space in which to sing, cry, laugh and break through the blocks that keep us from accessing our true voice. I can’t recommend Julia highly enough!” Jackie J. San Leandro. CA

Coaching available internationally online. Limited in person opportunities available to the community mailing list.

“We did some really amazing and revealing work.  This was the first time I have ever had any type of coaching, and I’m so grateful that I did this Jungian coaching with Julia. She was knowledgable, attentive and thoughtful as she lead me through my sessions.  Shadow and dream work can be emotional and delicate, but Julia was kind and supportive as I explored all the aspects of myself, especially those that might be holding me back.  I was able to lay down direct paths for the goal I set and also see the obstacles I set in my own way much more clearly.  I have to admit I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to a one size fits all life coaching, but this was so much more deep and personal and really catered to my journey.  I highly recommend!” Sarah, Marin County, California

Me coaching voice actors at VO Atlanta 2022

“I was lucky enough to have 6 jungian life coaching sessions with Julia. Throughout the process I felt held, supported and expertly guided to go deep into the process. Julia supported me to go into places that might have first felt scary or uncomfortable and in turn I have gained some really significant insights and powerful tools for future development. I’d had some life coaching before, so was surprised at how different Jungian coaching is-in a brilliant way! I’m used to coaching questions that help you to learn, discover and delve into problems and work towards goals-this is great, but is always quite focused on using the conscious brain. This process was so wonderfully different…opening a deep dive into the subconscious through exploring dreams, meditative visualisations, drawing and even taking my younger self for tea! I loved how it opened me to another world of self that I usually pay little or no attention to. There is so much there to explore and deep truths to uncover and realise. Julia is so sensitive to individual needs, taking time for stretching or grounding at the start of sessions for example (which was very important to me) and tailoring a range of techniques to preferences. She followed up with recorded meditations, which feel like a generous gift when you receive them and means you can listen again and continue to benefit from these powerful experiences in your own time. I would highly recommend anyone to dive into this amazingly insightful experience with Julia. You will not only move closer towards achieving goals, but also go even deeper than this -moving towards a more full, complete and whole version of yourself. I personally gained confidence in my own leadership abilities, which was a key focus for me. I had some essential insights and realised that through integrating those parts of me that I consider to be the opposite of who I am (shadow material) I can accept my whole self and from there feel a sense of peace and achieve much more, with ease.” Martha, Bristol UK.

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There are many ways to work with me, from my free podcast Your Free Voice to the free and low cost resources and courses I offer on this site, to free and low cost live group classes. (sign up to my newsletter to make sure you don’t miss these) However for those who are really ready to not only step into their fullest voice and creative life, but also their most authentic self, I offer a limited number of 1-1 Jungian Voice Coaching opportunities.

The investment for 6 week – 6 month bespoke private packages ranges from $997-$3500. Please see below for relevant links:

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What participants have to say about Julia’s zoom classes …

“Julia is a phenomenal teacher. Her beautiful voice, decades of knowledge and experience, and her effervescent enthusiasm and humour made these singalong sessions utterly brilliant. As a total beginner I felt comfortable and supported, and I’m amazed at how much I learned. And I loved the inclusion of all levels of experience. What fun!”

” Julia’s class was a delightful, uplifting way to spend an hour of my weekend! Not only did I get to warm up my voice, but I also warmed up my mind and body. Instruction from Julia felt like a voice lesson, karaoke, and improv class all-in-one. I’m so thankful for the dose of serotonin Julia brought to me!”

 “I had a great experience learning more about my voice and my abilities. Julia created a safe place for beginners to sing comfortably.

“Amidst the onslaught of Zoom, the isolation of the pandemic, and the hectic pace of life, these Saturday classes with a group of people has been a panacea. My nervousness of singing in front of a group is slowly subsiding, and the awkwardness of zoom is made extremely fun with Julia’s brilliant leadership. The exercises and stretches to warm us up need to be used daily, as they are incredibly soothing and healing for my voice that is overused as a teacher throughout the week. HIGHLY recommended, both as a teacher for individual classes as well as this group singing session!”

I’m not an experienced singer, and I love how Julia teaches. She’s fun and knowledgeable. The class is unique each week. Above all, I feel supported.”

Julia’s classes are a delight. She makes you feel at ease which opens students up to learn so much about our breath and our essential instrument-our bodies. I find her techniques helpful on so many levels as a voice over actor and a person who aspires to develop healthy speaking and singing skills.

Disclaimer – Julia Norton is a singer, actor and voice coach and not a psychotherapist, speech pathologist or other medical professional.